Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Fun

It's true what they say. Kids grow up soooooo fast! When i think of how small my boys were this time last year, it's crazy. I am incredibly grateful to be a year more advanced as a mother. This time last year I had a 3 month old with colic and reflux and i was getting an average of 3 hours of sleep a night. My oldest was 20 months old and still not sure about having a new kid in the house and was very jealous. Fast forward a year and i now have an almost 15 month old and a 2.5 year old that can actually somewhat function around each other. No more colic and reflux. I'm getting as much sleep as i need now. And the boys play together for short bursts and i can somewhat relax. That is a gift in and of itself! Here are a few pics of then and now. Enjoy :)

The boys this time last year at 3 months and 20 months

Christmas 2011
Jagger - Christmas 2011
Niko around Christmas 2011

Now - December 2012
Jagger - December 2012

Niko - December 2012

Jagger - December 2012

Niko - December 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Look

I had my hair done by the very talented Melody at Urban Image in Murfreesboro, TN. I was tired of having grown out roots, so i decided to just make my roots work for ME! This is called the Ombré style and i love it :) No more frumpy Mum look for me LOL! It's kind of hard to see with the bad lighting so i added a few different angles to get the idea :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A great new site!

I know, it's been forever since i have written anything on my blog. You have been inundated with pictures of my kids. You would think i was obsessed. But i actually post them for Niko's Foster Mother. She is an absolute gem and we keep in touch regularly. She can't read English, so i just post pics. I figured that no one really reads my blog so it wouldn't matter LOL. But in the event that some amazing person should be reading this, I wanted to share with you a blog called Forefront Families. I guess you're wondering why i am piping up suddenly just to tell you about this site? Well, it is a fabulous parenting company run by my parents. They come at parenting advice from the angle of "Nanny 911" type situations rather than "What to Expect When You're Expecting" type of issues. They aren't going to give you medical advice or tell you when you can expect your child to start talking or walking. They help families with behavioral issues such as tantrums, strong willed children, fighting, parental behavior and give you the tools to lead a happy home with disciplined kids who make a positive contribution to society. They also help with issues such as Blended Families, Divorced Families, Adopted Families and Special Needs Families. It's hard enough dealing with the day to day questions like "When should I start my baby on solid foods" and "What age should my child be reading" etc... When you add in the dynamic of family issues, it just compounds in a spiral of death for parents and their kids. I don't mean that literally but for many families, it feels that way. So if you are looking for some great advice and want to ask an expert, please click on the link and check it out. They have a new forum that you can go to to ask questions or comment and connect with other parents. The experts will even answer your questions. They have a competition going right now where you can win their book Kids Don't Come With Manuals and Informational CDs on all kinds of topics. Check it out!