Saturday, December 4, 2010

One thing i know for sure...

Is that you always think you are just waiting on THE CALL, and they neglect to tell you that your I600 Approval is only one of about 4 more things that have to happen before you do. So since we got the I600 approval, we have had to be logged into the National Visa Center and then logged out. Then they have to send notification to the U.S. Embassy in Korea so that they can schedule a Visa Physical and a separate Visa Interview. Once those are done, which can take a month, then the findings are sent to another unit and the Travel Certificate is issued... THEN you get the call!!! There's still a ways to go. I'm hoping this will all happen in record breaking speed and Niko will be home with us soon. It's exhausting not knowing when and how things are supposed to happen.

Tim and I went shopping today to buy our gifts for the foster mother and others who will and have worked with us. It is traditional in Korea to give gifts and we have thought long and hard about what to buy. You must buy American products as so many are made in China or Korea. So here is what we bought to represent our home. I have also drawn a picture of a Koi Fish & Lotus flower for the Foster Mother.


  1. The presents look great! Is that a Tipsy cake I see? yum. Sorry about all the extra things you have to wait for, really feeling for you on that x lotsa luv

  2. Man O man, Can feel that wait for you. You guys are awesome and are going to be and already are fantastic parents.

    Love the shoes and the pressies.