Monday, November 22, 2010


I just found out that we are next in line to get the call from our agency. I thought there were a bunch of couples ahead of us, so that was a shock. The agency also said that they have not received word that visas have run out and that there are still families traveling, so we could very well get THE CALL before Christmas!!! Stay tuned :)


  1. SO very excited for you and grateful for your blog so that we can re-live the excitement of our trip to Korea in September. Hoping and praying that your call will come quickly, as you are clearly ready. LOVE Niko's little desk. :) Call us with other questions. Amy and Charles

  2. Thank you for the invitation to your blog! I need to make mine private soon so that I can post pics of our sweet girl :-) Looks like we are exactly in the same spot waiting..... I was curious about this post about AIAA telling you that you were next in line to get the "call". Was that from Tammy?? I've never thought to ask that...... Have you asked again since this post? I wonder if there is a bunch of us in this "top of the list" batch or if there are many families ahead of us......I may send her an email soon and ask.... She is probably getting really sick of me! I definitely don't want to think about waiting until Feb. to travel....ugh!! BTW........your little guy is such a cutie!!

  3. Thanks Jennell!! We think he's pretty darn cute too :)
    I don't know if we are the first on the list because i would think we would have received a call by now. But that's what i was told by Tammy so i'm guessing that's the case. It also surprises me because you have been waiting longer than us. That is what is so frustrating about not getting any updates. I am going to call DC tomorrow and see if they can tell me anything. I'll let you know if they are able to give me any news.