Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our son's photo is in the U.S. Embassy system in Korea!!!

Well i called the Visa hotline today, they said that Niko's picture is now in their system, which i am told means he has made his Embassy appearance. This is great news according to others who have already adopted from Korea. They are all telling me that the photo is for his passport which means we could really be getting the call at any time now. I hate to get excited because they have been telling us the call could come at any time since November. But i know there isn't anything else to wait for at this point. So fingers crossed :)


  1. Wahoo - that's awesome - progress is good :-) so excited about this piece of news!

  2. Thanks Kell!! Hopefully we will get the call this week. Fingers, toes and knees crossed :)