Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So i called the visa hotline and they said that they are still waiting on the P3 packet from the adoption agency that has his passport and that there may still be a visa interview. So who knows when that will happen. Hopefully soon. This has definitely been the hardest and most frustrating part of the process because we have no control over it. It's like a form of torture to not see the end of the rainbow. It would be so much easier if they gave you a rough date, then you wouldn't stress so much. I was given an estimation of end of December or mid January by my social worker, so she has been the closest in estimation. Pray for my sanity!!!!


  1. Kristee... thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. Reading all you have written the last year or more has been quite an eye opening experience. I am so very excited for you and Tim. He is beautiful and perfect. I can not WAIT to see pictures of you holding your precious gift for the first time.