Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2 in Seoul

Well we spent the day today just doing the tourist stuff like visiting the National Museum of Korea, Itaewon, Naedaemun Markets and Insadong. We almost went to the DMZ today but our friends Jennell and Steve went early this morning and said it was great but don't know if it was worth braving the cold. By cold i mean FREEZING!!!! You can't feel your face anymore. The craziest thing happened too. Tim and i got off at the Itaewon train exit to look around the shops and eat lunch and we were going to try and text Jennell and Steve to meet up after they were done with their DMZ tour. We were just walking along the street when we heard "Tim!!!" in an American accent, and low and behold, of all the places we could have been, Jennell and Steve's tour bus had just dropped them off and they spotted us and yelled out. We were in shock. What are the odds!!!! So we hung out together the rest of the day. We just got back from eating dinner in Insadong and took the train 35 mins home. The train systems are really easy to navigate here which is awesome because that's pretty much all we've done as far as transportation. Now we are back in the room and thawing out. We meet Niko tomorrow at about 9:30 or 10am. I'll post after we get back. Unfortunately i can't post pics on my blog until i get home :(

Ciao for now!!

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  1. Praying for your first days together with Niko! So fun to hear about your trip, and we are thankful that you made it there safely and have been enjoying Seoul. What a blessing! Amy and Charles