Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waiting at O'Hare

Well it's been pretty smooth so far. Mum and Dad dropped us off at the airport in Nashville (thanks Mum and Dad). We are now at O'Hare waiting for our Asiana flight that leaves at 1am. I've decided that we picked the best possible itinerary because there's hardly anyone here which means we may be able to lay down on the flight there. We also gave ourselves plenty of time between flights so we're not rushing around and stressed. I am also loving my new 4-wheeled carry-on suitcase and attachable bungi cord that keeps all my bags secured. So much easier.
While we stood in line to get our boarding passes with Asiana, there was a suspicious man with a young girl who he had a bike helmet and leash on. The little girl looked about 3 and was miserable. I thought that maybe he had a helmet on her because she had a head injury and he was protecting her head, but he took it off at one point and she had nothing but a overly sweaty head. I overheard him say to someone that she runs into walls. He didn't look like his elevator went to the top floor anyway. So we thought that maybe she was a special needs child. But she seemed almost drugged because of her behavior. Anyway, a security police officer came around asking everyone to show their passports which we thought was a little odd but thought maybe it was routine for this airline. Then the officer went to the man with the child and took his passport and started copying stuff from it on a piece of paper and another female officer came and distracted the child so the other officer could finish copying the man's passport. Tim knew immediately what was happening. They were suspecting some kind of abduction or kidnapping. They stalled the odd man at the counter while checking out his details. They refused his flight because he only had a one way ticket. While all this is happening, the poor girl is crying "Daddy my helmet is hurting my neck" over and over and over and he just ignored her while he begged to be able to fly. His excuse for the one way ticket was because he could get a discounted ticket on the way back. They weren't buying it. It was at that time that we were done getting our boarding passes and had to leave, so we don't know how it ended. But we are pretty sure it wasn't what he wanted. So good on the fine skills of the Chicago security offices who picked up on the odd situation. May be a kidnapping averted.

Well that's it for now. I'll post again once we are in Korea :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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