Friday, January 21, 2011

Ready to go!!!

So we are all packed now....phew! It's a chore and a half to pack lite but not too lite, AND for an extra little person you haven't met yet :)

We will be meeting Niko on Wednesday the 26th in the morning (which is Tuesday in American time). We are nervous, scared and excited to meet him. I hope he likes us, cause we're keeping him!!! :) Please pray for him that he will feel a sense of peace with us "strangers" and that he learns to trust us quickly. And please pray for us too, that we will exude patience and calm and love so that he feels comforted during this very rough time. Many of my fellow adoptive mothers have expressed it in the best way...we have been waiting for him for a year and he has not been waiting for us at all. He doesn't even know who we are, so it will come as a huge shock to be taken by strangers and shipped off to a foreign land. Bless his little heart!!!

That said. We are coming buddy and we love you to pieces already.

Hugs and kisses....Mum and Dad


  1. Safe travels and can't wait to see photos of you and your husband holding sweet Niko!!

  2. best wishes to your whole family! will be praying that all goes very smoothly....your boy looks so gentle and friendly..he's bound to take to your love very very quickly! take care and safe travels...can't wait to hear about your trip!